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3.1. 2024 // // Album Review - "Each song serves as a testament to her exceptional writing skills and musical style, leaving listeners captivated from start to finish."


3.1. 2024 // Ear To The Ground Music // Album Review - "Whitmore’s accessible emotional style reminds me a bit of the pain that early country artists like Kitty Wells and Loretta Lynn were able to convey for their listeners. I can imagine women of the 21st century resonating with this album in similar ways."

Feb 2024 // // Album Review - "Jordan’s intimate exploration of life’s many challenges blended with her heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring vocals, prove to be compelling and strangely uplifting."

10.15.19 // // Guest Room Sessions - "Fans of Sheryl Crow, Shawn Colvin and powerful voices will find a lot to like in her sound."

10.7.19 // Take Effect // Album Review - "...much depth lyrically and varied songwriting make Good Things an unassuming gem."


8.29.19 // Glide Magazine // Album Premiere: Good Things - "[These songs] look ahead toward brighter horizons from an artist who is definitely onto bigger and brighter things."

8.4.19 // // Singled Out: "Something Different"


8.1.19 // East of 8th // Video Premiere for "All My Might" - "With her sunshine-infused vocals and optimistic determination, Whitmore declares that love transcends the barriers of space and time."


7.8.19 // Broadway World // Press Release for Good Things EP

6.11.19 // Two Story Melody // Song Review: "I Wish You Would" - "Melodically, the song is a masterpiece; flowing beautifully and with timeless familiarity."

4.29.19 // Atwood Magazine // Song Premiere: "Something Different" - "There’s a touch of heartland rock n roll mixed with pop catchiness, making it all in all feel-good and familiar."

5.2.15 // Ear To The Ground Music // Album Review: "Other Side" - "[This] album is going to make a lot of fans from the alt country and indie country world. She’s got a great voice, nice sensitivities in writing, and an eye toward making the world a better place."

12.16.14 // KUTX // Song Feature: "My Own Worst Enemy" - "The Dallas-born songwriter moved toward a slightly more raw and revealing style for her new album."

10.11.13 // Austin Chronicle // New Music Feature: Consider it Done EP - "She still sounds thoroughly modern, which speaks well for Whitmore's writing and alluring vocals."

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